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Photography of Wildlife & Natural Areas of Newfoundland; Stock List.

STOCK LIST: WILDLIFE - Black Bear/ Woodland Caribou/ Moose/ Red Fox/ Mink/ River Otter Snowshoe Hare/ Red Squirrel/ Humpback Whales/ Minke Whales Harp Seals/ Ring Seals/ Harbour Seals/ Hooded Seals. WILDFOWL - Various Ducks/ Common Golden-eye/ Ringed-necked ducks/ Common mergansers/ Canada Geese/ Raptors - Bald eagles/ Hawk Owl/ Snowy Owl/ Osprey Seabirds - Black Legged Kittiwakes/ Common Murres/ Ivory Gull/ Herring Gull/ Black Backed Gulls/ Common Terns/ Black Guillemots Shorebirds - Greater Yellowlegs/ Spotted Sandpipers etc./ Common Loons/ Ruddy Turnstone/ Black Bellied Plover/ Semipalmated Plover. Ground Birds- Spruce Grouse/ Ruffed Grouse/ Willow Ptarmigan / Songbirds - Blue Jay/ Gray Jay/ Common Redpoll/ Pine Sisken/ Dark Eyed Junco/ Black Capped Chickadee/ Purple Finch/ Hermit Thrush Pine Grosbeak/ American Robin/ White Throated Sparrow/ Fox Sparrow/ Cedar Waxwing/ American Redstart/ Yellow Warbler/ American Goldfinch/ Yellow Rumped Warbler/ Rusty Blackbird/ Common Grackle/ Palm Warbler/ Ruby Crowned Kinglet/ Black-throated Green Warbler/Magnolia Warbler/ Black & White Warbler/ Carolina Chickadee/ Gray-cheeked thrush/ Evening Grosbeak Tree Clinging birds - Red Breasted Nuthatch/ Downy Woodpecker/ Northern Flicker FLORA - Trees - Black Spruce/ Balsam Fir/ White Birch/ Trembling Aspen/ Pin Cherry/ Mountain Ash (Dogberry)/ Red Maple/ Speckled Alder/ Mountain Alder/ Mountain Maple/ Larch/ Larch Tuckamore. Wild Plants & Shrubs - Labrador Tea/ Common Dandelion/ Fireweed/ Ferns/ Chuckly Pear/ Cottongrass/ Pearly Everlasting/ Blue Flag Iris/ Buttercup/ Tawny Cottongrass/ Harebell/ Crackerberry/ Colts Foot/ Pitcher Plant/ Ox-eye Daisy/ Devils Paintbrush/ Purple-stemmed Aster/ Meadowsweet/ Yellow Pond Lily/ Rhodora/ Northeastern Rose/ Fireweed/ Canadian Burnett. FISH - Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout, Greenland Shark. SCENIC - Rivers (Inland waterways)/ ocean (coastal)/ regional landscapes/ outports ( traditional communities, cultural & historic landmarks) Skyscapes (Sun / Clouds) SEASONAL - Spring Icebergs, Autumn trees, Winter snowscapes. Spring & Summer Wildflowers/ Macro (lichens, insects, butterflies etc.) SPORTS - Fishing, Rafting, Kayaking.