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Photography of Wildlife & Natural Areas of Newfoundland (Guide to Hiking, Green Bay Trails).

       Trail Guide

A graphics rich guide to hiking in the Green Bay area along the Northeast coast of Newfoundland. The trail descriptions include full color illustrative photography and maps to aid in the full utilization and enjoyment of the many trails and visitor facilities.

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                                                     ".......As a photographer hired to document the region in pictures, I have been pleased to discover adventure in my own backyard. The north shore forest and rugged headlands meet the North Atlantic in a pristine interzone where history, culture, marine and terrestrial ecology merge. A great variety of sea, forest and landscapes are found here. On a smaller scale, abundant wild flora and fauna heighten the interest for outdoor lovers. This brief booklet contains diagrams and information to aid in the enjoyment of the hiking experience. All photographs shot on location are used to illustrate various points of interest. Future editions will include new trails with more to discover......."
                                                                                                                                       David Tilley

Available for $7.00 in Canadian Funds.

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